July 16 2021~A sad day


It was the day that Keshi left us to be in Heaven with her friends and family that went before her.

Keshi made a big impression on all the people she met in AW. She was a giving person and had compassion for all kinds of people.
She was quick to teach the residents who wanted her help and was always ready to go to great lengths to help.
She was an incredibly well-liked woman.

God bless her forever.

Thank you Keshi for being here for us.


I made a Memorial for her in AW: aw 4387.43S 3671.32E 0.92a 89 Those builders, that has claimed a lot, have done such great places for her. (More lots have been made)

The Fantastic Builders:

I was able to take some screenshots in her world before her OP been taken off the internet, 4 weeks ago:

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