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Next week (app. July 2nd) will Vision2 have a new (old) theme, which is going to be “The Enchanted Forest” It is a theme where no one else but the owner has built so far. It is a very special theme, Lady Pippin has put all her hearts into it.

A note given to the builders by telegram:

To you as the builders in Vision2’s Main Theme:
I write this to tell that the theme will be changed next week (first week of July). THAT means the theme will be changed and your buildings ARE NOT going to be deleted. IF you are not done with your building as yet you will be able to continue with it, when the theme shows up again.
There are several themes created in Vision2 and they will all be active during the seasons.
I am not that kind of person that goes around deleting other people’s things if they are made in honesty and integrity.

I am thankful and grateful for all your creativity and I appreciate all of you and your contributions to making Vision2’s anniversary a special and Happy one!

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