20th Anniversary


Vision2’s 20 Years Anniversary

It has been an excellent party. It was the first party Vision2 has had since it appeared on the world list. In my opinion, it was the best party I have ever hosted and attended.

First of all, I would like to say THANK YOU!!!

THANK YOU, Old Chineese Man, for building a marvellous Club and for the Lightshow you made – it was extraordinary.

THANK YOU, Lady Fireheart, for your wonderful DJ-ing. It is not the last time I am going to ask for your help.

THANK YOU, ShadowG, for being the hostess at the party the rest of the night (after I went to bed) – you did a superb job.

THANK YOU to AY0, Heu and SeaSiren for your great work with the buildings you made. I am very grateful for your efforts to make Vision2’s BIG day a GREAT day too.

Screenshots from the Party and beneath Screenshots from the builders places:




20 Years Anniversary

Thank you ALL for a lovely Party!

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