Vision2’s 20 years Birthday


As the world has its birthday on June 14th and it will be 20 years old, there have been new projects going and a few visitors start to enter the world.

It is great news and Vision2 will be a part of the future Activeworlds. There will be soon (soon can be now and maybe a few months away) be exciting news.

There are new builders in Vision2:

AY0 ~ Heu ~ Old Chineese Man ~ SeaSiren ~ ShadowG

Welcome to you all, I am very grateful that you are helping me to make the Birthday Party look as a great place

The images show the Zoo area in Vision2. Guests are ShadowG, McBanny, and Heu who were helpful as always. He is one of the greatest builders I know.

There are far more to see inworld that I can show you here. You are welcome to visit anytime.

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