July 16 2021~A sad day

It was the day that Keshi left us to be in Heaven with her friends and family that went before her. Keshi made a big impression on all the people she met in AW. She was a giving person and had compassion for all kinds of people.She was quick to teach the residents who wanted […]

Change of Theme

Next week (app. July 2nd) will Vision2 have a new (old) theme, which is going to be “The Enchanted Forest” It is a theme where no one else but the owner has built so far. It is a very special theme, Lady Pippin has put all her hearts into it. A note given to the […]

World Exploring #5

This world is fantastic, especially for one that is born in the land of Lego. At the bottom a little story from Legoland, the name in Denmark. Horsy owns the world Aeolia. He made it fun to visit his world and to see what he actually can build with the Legos. A few screenshots: The […]

World Exploring #4

Keshi owns A!!Vines and is making models as well as teaching the Wings 3D Program. Keshi is a clever lady. She helps you with your questions concerning models and AW and maybe more. It is worth to visit her world A!!Vines. Here are some screenshots: Thank you for your visit.

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